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One Hit History Trailer

One Hit History Trailer

What’s your favorite one hit wonder?”

We ask music people that very question in each episode of One Hit History podcast. From Rock & Roll Hall of Fame archived photographers pondering 1980s dance tunes to musical social movement creators reviving a lost country legend, One Hit History dives in to how those songs made us feel and why they stick with us now.  We’re like if Pop Up Video and Cocaine and Rhinestones fused, and did less research than your average Wikipedia contributor.  Our secret goal:  help you find music you love and have fun.

New episodes launching late January 2022.

Sneak peeks, outtakes, and bonus episodes available now on Patreon.com/OneHitHistory.

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DISCLAIMERThese comedy episodes are for fun and are based solely on personal opinions of the host and/or guest, and do not claim to be fully factual or anything other than a good time.

OHH Trailer Transcript

Hey, welcome to One Hit History where we talk with music, people about their favorite one hit wonders. I’m Sloane Spencer.

You might know me as the host of Country Fried Rock or from the variety of radio stations I have worked for over the last many decades. Thanks so much for coming to see what we’re doing here.

I have a secretly subversive life goal of turning you on to your new favorite band. So we’ll be doing that with these conversations in the upcoming, One Hit History podcast.

You can find us on Patreon at patreon.com/onehithistory or our brand spanking new website, OneHitHistory.com.

We have another new podcast coming your way as well.

So if you want to find out my vibe, check out the hundreds of past episodes of Country Fried Rock, or our other new podcast called Bubble Bottles, mainly because I like saying “Bubble Bottles.”

It’s where I talk with music people about their favorite carbonated beverages. I have a secret love for weird hyper-local carbonated beverages, particularly ginger ale and root beer myself.

And again, these conversations will be coming your way with the ultimate goal of turning you on to your new favorite band. You’ll be able to find that one on Patreon, as well. It’s Bubble Bottles, patreon.com/bubblebottles or BubbleBottles.com. I’ve also been told that my voice is a great one for turning the volume down and going to sleep. So, you’re welcome.

Hit that subscribe button on your favorite player, and we’ll be right back with you real soon. Y’all come back now, you hear?